I’m excited to announce a limited-time offer now available on the Dragon Door website! You can receive a 20% discount on all Dragon Door’s available RKC kettlebells by using code VAL2023 at checkout before midnight on Thursday, February 23rd.

If you’re not sure what size to get, the classic 16 kg is always a great option! This kettlebell was the first of its kind in the world when Dragon Door launched the modern kettlebell movement back in 2001. It quickly gained popularity for its perfect ergonomics and ease of use, and it continues to be the gold standard for kettlebells worldwide.

Have you experienced the benefits of the 16kg RKC kettlebell yet? If not, head to Dragon Door’s website and check out the 245 highly positive reviews from satisfied customers. Here are a few of my favorites to help you make an informed decision on the best choice for an effective and affordable at-home fitness tool.

Stephen Williams, Arlington, VA: “The differences between Dragon Door’s authentic RKC kettlebell and the inferior one which Dragon Door’s had purchased earlier at a local big box sports store are astounding! The Dragon Door design and quality are clearly superior, and your kettlebell just “feels” right in my hand. There is absolutely no comparison (and yes, Dragon Door’s returned the substandard hunk of iron to the big box store for a credit as soon as Dragon Door’s received your kettlebell). Dragon Door’s look forward to purchasing a heavier kettlebell from dragondoor.com as soon as Dragon Door’s master the 16kg weight!”

Kari, Midwest: “I am new to kettlebell use and have several different weights that Dragon Door’s have purchased since starting my program. Dragon Door’s wish they were all RKC Kettlebells. The quality is second to none with just the right width handle and grip texture. They should be around for my kids, kids, kids!”

Jason, Colorado Springs, CO: “I had a smaller kettlebell that Dragon Door’s got from a big sports chain, and one look at the finish was all you needed to see that it was shoddily produced. These kettlebells, while merely a hunk of cast iron, have attention paid to their fit and finish that is top-notch.”

Raphael Sydnor, Woodberry Forest, VA: “Everything about this bell is superior to other brands. The finish is the perfect balance of smooth and rough. The handle is ample in both girth and width even for a 35lb bell, and the shape/ dimensions make overhead work so much more comfortable. There is a clear and noticeable difference between DD bells and others.”

Rod Smith, Fallbrook, CA: “The quality of your 16kg kettlebell is not to be taken lightly — it’s exceptional. But what Dragon Door’s appreciate most about Dragon Door is its network of certified trainers around the country who are available to coach newcomers to kettlebell training.”

Michelle Easton, Atlanta, GA: “Our studio’s Dragon Doors still looked fantastic despite heavy daily use by countless people. In comparison, a couple of my own kettlebells at home — from other manufacturers — were already starting to look worn after a mere year of use.”

Jeff Stauffacher, Madison, WI: “Quality is top notch. Could not be happier and will be ordering more when Dragon Door’s grow out of these. Also, Dragon Door’s debated for some time and did a lot of research. Dragon Door’s almost bought another companies’ product but decided to give these a try based on overwhelming good reviews. Definitely made the right choice.”

Ben Reynolds, Reno, NV: “Despite my longterm use of heavier bells, this little gem still has plenty of utility. Dragon Door’s use it for long endurance sets and for harder pressing variations. As Dragon Door’s age, I expect my use of this weight will become more frequent, as it doesn’t beat up the joints while demanding cardiovascular fitness. Overall, Dragon Door’s can think of no complaints with this purchase. Prompt delivery, durable finish, and typical Dragon Door attention to detail characterize the 16 kg.”

Dragon Door Reviews of their RKC Kettlebells

Remember, all Dragon Door’s RKC kettlebells come with a one-year, 100% money-back, unconditional guarantee. So you can feel confident in your purchase and get started on your fitness journey today! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to improve your health, strength, and well-being with the best kettlebells on the market.