Get Fit, Get Fierce with Kettlebell Swings: Just 12 Minutes a Day to Lose Weight, Prevent Sitting Disease, Hone Your Body and Tone Your Booty!” is a comprehensive guidebook written by Don Fitch, a certified fitness instructor and expert in kettlebell training. The book is designed to help readers get in shape, lose weight, and tone their bodies through a simple and effective kettlebell workout routine that only takes 12 minutes a day.

One of the key selling points of this book is the use of kettlebells, which are versatile and efficient workout tools that can target multiple muscle groups at once. The book provides step-by-step instructions for various kettlebell exercises, including swings, goblet squats, Turkish get-ups, and snatches, along with accompanying photographs and clear explanations of proper form and technique. The exercises are designed to be low-impact and easily accessible for people of all fitness levels.

In addition to the workout instructions, the book also provides valuable information on how to prevent “sitting disease,” a term used to describe the negative health effects of prolonged sitting, including increased risk of obesity, heart disease, and other chronic conditions. The author explains how kettlebell exercises can help counterbalance the negative effects of sitting, and provides tips on how to incorporate movement into daily life to reduce the amount of time spent sitting.

One of the standout features of the book is its focus on the science behind kettlebell training, including explanations of how kettlebell exercises can improve cardiovascular health, increase strength and endurance, and increase flexibility and mobility. The author draws on current research and anecdotal evidence to make the case for kettlebell training as an effective form of exercise for people of all ages and fitness levels.

In addition to the technical information, the book also includes a section on nutrition and diet, offering tips and suggestions for eating to support the kettlebell workout routine and maximize results. The author provides practical advice on how to make healthy food choices and incorporate nutritious ingredients into everyday meals.

Overall, “Get Fit, Get Fierce with Kettlebell Swings” is a comprehensive guidebook that provides clear, actionable advice for incorporating kettlebell training into a fitness routine. Whether you are a beginner looking to start a new exercise program, or an experienced fitness enthusiast looking to try a new form of exercise, this book is a valuable resource. The author’s passion for kettlebell training and his expertise in the field is evident in the thorough, well-researched content and clear, concise instructions. If you’re looking for a convenient and effective way to get in shape, this book is definitely worth checking out!

Get Fit, Get Fierce with Kettlebell Swings Review

Get Fit, Get Fierce with Kettlebell Swings is a comprehensive guide that provides readers with a workout routine that is easy to follow, quick and effective. Written by Don Fitch, the book shows readers how to lose weight, prevent sitting disease, hone their body and tone their booty with just 12 minutes of kettlebell swings a day.

As someone who works from home and spends most of their day sitting, the author found that incorporating kettlebell swings into their daily routine was exactly what they needed to break up their sedentary lifestyle. The two-handed kettlebell swing is said to be the most perfect single exercise that offers cardiovascular conditioning and strength training to lose fat and build a great body composition.

The book starts by introducing readers to kettlebells and the kettlebell swing, which is a quick exercise that takes only a second and a half per repetition. The book then encourages readers to take on the goal of 12 minutes a day of kettlebell swings, which is the equivalent of a mile and a half run, but spread out throughout the day. Ideally, the swings are accomplished in one to two-minute segments of 36 to 72 repetitions.

The author explains the basics of the kettlebell weight and the key exercise, the two-handed swing, and helps readers determine good kettlebell weights and find them. The book also includes other aerobic exercises, such as walking 10,000 steps a day, and provides nutritional guidelines for weight loss and maintenance.

The 12 minutes of kettlebell swings are the revolutionary element in the book that can deliver exceptional fat loss and body toning. Quick kettlebell swing sessions are the postural and metabolic opposite of sitting and are the perfect 90-second antidote to sitting diseases, which have been found to be a cardiovascular and metabolic risk factor.

In addition to the kettlebell workouts, the book also promotes and guides other wellness lifestyle changes to complement the improvement from the kettlebell workouts. The author covers the what, why, and how of eating choices that can help develop and maintain a healthy, muscular, and lean body.

On a personal note, the author is not a certified kettlebell trainer and does not attempt to instruct in kettlebell workouts. However, they have completed the 10,000 swings monthly challenge and find the exercise to be a great source of vitality, even at 63 years of age.

In conclusion, Get Fit, Get Fierce with Kettlebell Swings is an excellent guide for anyone who is looking to improve their fitness, lose weight, and prevent sitting diseases. The book is easy to follow, quick and effective, and provides readers with a workout routine that can be done in just 12 minutes a day.

Book Excerpts and Quotes

“A recent Danish study that investigated using kettlebell swings to reduce back pain, started desk workers who suffered work related back pain with 17.5 pound (8 kg.) kettlebells for women and 26.5 pound (12 kg.) for men. Your prime purchase goal for a kettlebell is one that enables your 90-second, 54-swing sessions. The 54 swing target is a goal that you approach slowly. Many people will find a 20 pound (8kg.) weight satisfactory for their 54 swings. As you are building up your time swinging from 30 seconds, to 60 seconds, to 90 seconds(about 18, 36 and 54 swings), your repetitions are more …more”

“Although the kettlebell swing is great for firming and shaping the arms, they don’t do the main work of lifting the kettlebell. The arms are relaxed, straight or slightly bent during the swings. Lift the kettlebell with a pop through your hips, not your arms. Your arms, forearms and hands will get plenty of exercise just guiding the weight, especially as it drops. …This highlight has been truncated due to consecutive passage length restrictions.”

“Although training intensity can be reduced with lighter weights, especially at first, for full strength and endurance benefits you should eventually be swinging a fairly heavy weight for your minute and a half mini-workouts.”

“As with all weight training, breathing is very important in kettlebell swings. This is covered more later, but basically the rule is to exhale on the lift phase, that is, as the weight being boosted an…This highlight has been truncated due to consecutive passage length restrictions.”

“Doing one 12 minute session, then sitting all day would be less effective in combating sitting metabolic disorders. Short sessions are better than other ways, too. A heavier kettlebell can be managed when swinging for minute and a half, versus 12 minutes. A 12 minute, 432 swing session would require a lighter weight than a 90 second exercise. Muscle growth would be less robust wi…This highlight has been truncated due to consecutive passage length restrictions.”

“Except in some specific training you might wish to do, your twelve minutes of daily kettlebell swings are not done at once. As a matter of fact, eight hourly sessions, each just 90 seconds long, are your best pattern for preventing metabolic diseases. Two other excellent patterns are one-minute of kettlebell swings each hour, 12 times a day or two-minutes of swings 6 times a day.”

“For the young and healthy, kettlebell swings offer a quick and easy way to gain peak physical form and conditioning. Perhaps more than any other single exercise, kettlebell swings build both endurance and strength. For people at mid-life kettlebells swings help keep off fat, build functional muscle and prevent sitting disease. Seniors have in the kettlebell swing the means to maintain vitality, prevent loss of mobility and fight wasting away from loss of muscle and bone by building new muscle and bone. Don’t act your age; keep yourself young and strong with kettlebell swings. People carrying …more”

“Getting up out of our work chair, say once an hour, to do 90 seconds of kettlebell swings may well serve as the perfect preventive behavior to the onslaught of metabolic sitting disorders. Don’t let your chair and car seat disable you; fight back with kettlebell swings!”

“In terms of preventing the sitting diseases, getting up out of the chair many times daily to do the exercise is one of the key benefits. Whichever your choice of 12, 8 or 6 session…This highlight has been truncated due to consecutive passage length restrictions.”

“Instead of counting your swings, you can use your mobile device’s clock timer function. I tell my Android device, “set timer for 90 seconds.” When the timer appears I say “start” and it counts down. I know that 90 seconds later I will have done 54 kettlebell swings. When the time is up, I can tell it, “set ti…This highlight has been truncated due to consecutive passage length restrictions.”

“Kettlebell swings are a nearly perfect way to use your skeleton; it is totally involved in your task of swinging the weight up out in front of you. Not just bones, but tendons, other connective tissue, and of course, muscles, are challenged and strengthened.”

“Kettlebell swings attack metabolic syndrome head on. First, they build muscle and reduce fat, both keys to the disorder. Fat build up, especially in the abdominal area, can be halted and reversed with kettlebell swings (and the other recommendations in this book). The muscles the swings produce help use up glucose and insulin, both toxic when levels are too high in the blood.”

“On the other hand, quickly bringing your heart rate up, repeatedly, as in the case of interval training, also provides cardiovascular benefits. Just as interval sprints are superior to plain jogging in providing cardiovascular conditioning, it may well be the one minute, or 90 second, or two minute kettlebell swing sessions provide even more benefits than one long session.”

“One good way to accomplish these sessions is to have your watch give an hourly beep or buzz. As one session per hour is nearly ideal, this reminder works out really well. It is…This highlight has been truncated due to consecutive passage length restrictions.”

“Some people beginning kettlebell swings may start with no weight. Just doing the swings with your hands holding an imaginary weight is a great way to start and develop good form. The box squat where you squat back and down over a 20 inch box is another zero-weight exercise that helps strengthen muscles and prepare you for kettlebell swings. Swinging no weight or very light weight offers virtually everyone the opportunity to gain the benefits of kettlebell swings. Overweight individuals or those who have not exercised for a period are wise to get a feel for the swings with no weight. …more”

“Some trainers advocate 2 minute swing sessions, claiming that the 120 seconds of continuous exercise is better for the cardiovascular system as it keeps the heart rate up longer in the training zone. A big advantage of 2 minute swing sessions…This highlight has been truncated due to consecutive passage length restrictions.”

“Swinging the kettlebell tones the core and the muscles of the posterior chain, such as hamstrings and glutes. The swing replicates natural work movements of which we used to do a lot more, such as shoveling. The basic lifting motion is part of everyday need, such as lifting a child or hefting a bag of groceries.”

“The basic core kettlebell swings at the heart of your new fit and fierce life require some planning and execution. Healthy as they are and quick as they build muscle and fitness, kettlebell swings require effort. The benefits don’t come for free, but from hundreds of kettlebell swings each day.”

“The entire swing takes less than two seconds; my natural rhythm is 36 swings per minute, about 1.6 seconds per swing. This pace delivers 72 swings in two minutes. 54 swings in …This highlight has been truncated due to consecutive passage length restrictions.”

“The exercise is also ballistic, which comes from the Greek, to throw. In the kettlebell swing you do indeed then throw the weight upward, (while holding on to and guiding it), meaning you have to generate force quickly, challenging your rapid-growing fast twitch muscles.”

“The great news is that this perfect exercise is open to nearly everyone, of all ages and physical conditions. The motion is natural and replicates (and assists in) many daily activities. The intensity of the exercise is directly controllable by how heavy a weight is swung, and for how many swings.”

“The kettlebell swing involves holding the kettlebell overhand with both hands, swinging it behind and back through the legs in a hiking football motion, and then swinging up and out in front, powered by a snap of the hips. The swing momentum slows and stops with the kettlebell up at shoulder l…This highlight has been truncated due to consecutive passage length restrictions.”

“The two handed kettlebell swing is the foundation of all kettlebell exercises. It is very dynamic, involving swinging a heavy weight in a five foot arc, quickly repeated. The quick and continuous movement is very different in look and feel than most strength training. It offers an extremely quick way to be gaining, in just a few seconds, heart healthy cardiovascular exercise along with a body shaping muscular workout.”

“This book asks quite a lot of you in your quest to be fit and fierce. Twelve minutes of exercise, though astoundingly short in terms of the benefits they provide, is still not trivial. You are swinging a heavy weight for dozens, even hundreds of times a day. There had better be a pretty good reason why. There is! The kettlebell swing, with its mix of cardiovascular effort and fat-burning, muscle-building, strength-training may well be the best single exercise! Your kettlebell swings reward you, per swing, and per minute: • You look better! Fat loss, muscle tuning, body shaping, booty toning …moreThis highlight has been truncated due to consecutive passage length restrictions.”

“This concept can seem a little daunting when doing your first swings. These first swings can feel tiring, as I described my first 25 swings with a 30 pound weight. This is not unlike the first minutes of a jog, where sometimes the transition from resting state to vigorous exercise seems punishing. Within minutes of beginning jogging, though, your body adjusts to the new workload and any unpleasantness is reduced. The same occurs with kettlebell swings and soon you realize that your 50th swing feels no more tiring, even less so, than your tenth swing.”

“This single exercise, when repeated enough, provides huge benefits in fat loss, muscle gain and cardiovascular conditioning. Perhaps more than any other exercise, the kettlebell swing helps you slim down, pack on muscle and give your heart a healthy workout. This is why an entire book is devoted to it and to helping you do the swings that will revolutionize your fitness, strength and endurance.”

“To accomplish eight 90-second kettlebell swing sessions, you need to start early. Ideally, you will have done 4 sessions by noon and 4 more during the rest of the afternoon and evening. Remember, getting up and doing your swings is the price yo…This highlight has been truncated due to consecutive passage length restrictions.”

“Your kettlebell exercises strengthen your bones and fight osteoporosis. • Kettlebell swings are great for the back and can help overcome back pain and immobility. • Kettlebell swings are the fastest exercise. You can go from sitting to full exertion in seconds and be all done in little over a minute. • With your daily workouts, you will be fierce. And why not? You are slimmer, harder, taller, smarter, fitter, and your booty be bad! The twelve minutes are not done at once. As a matter of fact, eight sessions, each 90 seconds long may be optimal for exertion and spacing for maximizing metabolic …moreThis highlight has been truncated due to consecutive passage length restrictions.”

“Your mobile device also offers apps that chime once an hour (or as set up.) You will find your ability to actually accomplish the swings greatly boosted by having these frequent reminders. It can quickly become a point of pride to do your 90 second kettlebell swing session when you hear the hourly chime. Ignored chimes tend t…”

“Your twelve minutes of daily kettlebell swings could theoretically be done in one 12 minute stretch. Doing so might provide the most cardiovascular benefits, as the session would move your heart rate up into the training zone nearly immediately, and keep it there for some minutes. These long minutes with your heart in the training zone provide huge cardiovascular conditioning and risk reduction benefits.”

Get Fit, Get Fierce with Kettlebell Swings: Just 12 Minutes a Day to Lose Weight, Prevent Sitting Disease, Hone Your Body, and Tone Your Booty! book by Don Fitch