The decision to embark on a fitness journey is a bold one, especially when it involves unconventional methods that might draw attention. In this article, I will share my experience of ordering an RKC 16kg cast iron kettlebell and my plan to integrate it into my daily routine as a walking buddy. Despite the possible stares and awkward moments, I am determined to push through the insecurity and make this fitness journey a habit that leads to a healthier lifestyle.

Starting with a 16kg Kettlebell

When starting with kettlebells, experts like Pavel Tsatsouline recommend that weak men should begin with a 16kg kettlebell. While my goal is to eventually graduate to 20kg, 24kg, and 32kg kettlebells, the 16kg weight is an ideal starting point. This weight will provide enough resistance to build strength without causing injury, and will also allow me to gradually progress to heavier weights as I gain confidence and competence.

Integrating the Kettlebell into Daily Life

To incorporate my new kettlebell into my everyday routine, I plan to carry it in one hand, like a suitcase, while walking to the cafe where I work. This mile-long journey will not only work my core but will also serve as a stressor to help condition my body for the upcoming weight increase. Carrying the kettlebell alongside my EDC GoRuck GR ECHO or GR1 21L with a sternum strap will add an extra challenge to my daily commute.

Embracing the Unconventional

Despite the potential for drawing attention and looking silly, I am committed to my one-sided carry routine. I understand that this will be a unique and perhaps uncomfortable experience, but I am ready to embrace the challenge and reap the benefits. By focusing on my long-term goals and pushing through the initial awkwardness, I hope to develop the discipline and resilience necessary for success in both fitness and life.

Kettlebell Exercises and Park Workouts

Once I reach my destination, whether it’s a cafe, Penrose Square Park, or the Walter Reed Community Center park, I plan to perform various kettlebell exercises like cleans, presses, snatches, rows, swings, goblet squats, and sumo squats. Practicing these exercises outdoors will be a refreshing change from my apartment, where limited space and low ceilings make certain movements impossible. This new outdoor setting will give me the opportunity to build strength, endurance, and functional fitness.

Overcoming Insecurity and Developing a Habit

As a 300lb, 6’3″ man who is currently out of shape, I anticipate feeling self-conscious during the initial stages of this journey. However, I am determined to push through the insecurity and make this routine a habit. By remembering to stretch and focusing on consistency, I hope to see progress and eventually reach milestones like performing a Turkish getup (TGU).


Embarking on a fitness journey with a 16kg kettlebell may be unconventional, but it is a powerful way to embrace change and improve one’s health. By integrating the kettlebell into my daily routine and committing to overcoming self-consciousness, I aim to transform my life through consistent effort and the development of new, healthier habits. As I progress through this journey, I look forward to sharing my experiences, successes, and challenges with others who may be inspired to embark on their own path towards improved health and well-being.