Parkrun is a worldwide phenomenon, offering free, timed, 5-kilometer events in local parks every Saturday morning. These events are open to everyone, regardless of fitness level, age, or ability. Whether you want to slow jog, race, slow run, jog, shuffle, or even volunteer, Parkrun welcomes you with open arms. The best part? There’s no judgement, and it’s 50% running and 50% community. So, why not give it a try?

Parkrun is a Judgement-Free Zone

At the heart of Parkrun is the emphasis on a judgement-free, welcoming environment where everyone can feel at ease, regardless of their experience, background, or fitness level. Whether you’re new to running, feeling self-conscious, just starting your Couch to 5k journey, or simply seeking companionship, Parkrun is the perfect place for you. Even if you’ve never enjoyed exercise, felt intimidated in gym class, or struggle with negative self-talk, Parkrun offers a supportive and positive space to challenge those thoughts and experiences.

By fostering an atmosphere of encouragement and inclusivity, Parkrun empowers individuals who may have felt alienated or unworthy in traditional fitness settings. This community-driven approach ensures that all participants feel valued and uplifted, with a shared goal of personal growth and mutual support. Parkrun’s success in building such a nurturing environment is made possible by the generosity of its participants and volunteers, who together create a unique experience that is both fun and transformative, without any financial barriers.

Join the Parkrun Community

  1. How to Participate: Participating in a Parkrun is simple. Just find a Parkrun near you on the Parkrun website, register for a free account, and print out your personal barcode. Bring the barcode with you to the event, and you’re good to go.
  2. It’s for Everyone: Parkrun is an inclusive event, welcoming walkers, joggers, runners, and everyone in between. You can even participate on crutches or with a disability. There’s no pressure to perform at a certain level, so you can enjoy the event at your own pace.
  3. Volunteering Opportunities: Parkrun events are powered by volunteers, and there are always opportunities to give back. Volunteers help with tasks such as marshalling, timekeeping, barcode scanning, and more. Volunteering is a great way to get involved and meet new people.
  4. A Supportive Environment: The Parkrun community is known for its supportive and friendly atmosphere. Participants encourage one another, and there’s no judgement based on your speed or ability. It’s a perfect environment for beginners or those returning to exercise after a break.
  5. Consistency and Routine: Parkruns happen every Saturday, always in the same location, which allows you to build a consistent routine. With regular attendance, you’ll see improvements in your fitness and mental well-being over time.
  6. A Healthy Social Activity: Parkrun is not only a great way to get active but also an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals. Many Parkruns have post-event gatherings at a local café or park, fostering friendships and a sense of community.
  7. Free and Accessible: Parkrun is completely free, making it an accessible way to participate in regular physical activity. The events are typically held in local parks or green spaces, which adds to the appeal of the experience.

The History of Parkrun

Parkrun was founded in 2004 by Paul Sinton-Hewitt, initially as a small gathering of friends to run together in Bushy Park, London. Sinton-Hewitt created the event to help himself and others stay active and connected during a period of injury and unemployment. The inaugural Parkrun, called the Bushy Park Time Trial, had only 13 participants. The weekly event quickly gained popularity, and the idea spread to other locations.

The Ethos and Culture

From the very beginning, Parkrun has been built around the core principles of inclusivity, community, and accessibility. The events are designed to be welcoming and non-competitive, encouraging people of all ages and abilities to join. The focus is on personal improvement, camaraderie, and enjoying the outdoors.

Parkrun emphasizes the importance of volunteering, with events relying entirely on local volunteers to function. This fosters a sense of ownership and pride in the community, as well as providing an opportunity for people to contribute and make a difference.

The Popularity

Parkrun’s popularity has grown exponentially since its inception. By 2021, there were over 2,000 Parkrun locations in more than 20 countries, with millions of registered participants worldwide.

Several factors contribute to Parkrun’s widespread appeal:

  1. Free participation: As Parkrun is free and accessible, it removes financial barriers and attracts a diverse range of participants.
  2. Simple concept: The straightforward 5-kilometer format appeals to both beginners and experienced runners, allowing people to track their progress and set personal goals.
  3. Supportive environment: The friendly and inclusive atmosphere helps people feel welcome and motivated, making Parkrun enjoyable for everyone.
  4. Regular routine: The consistency of weekly events allows participants to establish a healthy routine and build connections within their local community.
  5. Word of mouth: The positive experiences of Parkrun participants often inspire others to join, leading to organic growth and a strong network of Parkrun communities.


The combination of a welcoming atmosphere, simple structure, and community focus has made Parkrun a global phenomenon. As it continues to expand, Parkrun remains true to its core ethos, providing an accessible and inclusive platform for people to engage in regular physical activity and connect with others.

Parkrun is a fantastic opportunity for people of all abilities to join a supportive community and engage in regular physical activity. Whether you’re looking to improve your fitness, make new friends, or simply enjoy the outdoors, Parkrun offers something for everyone. With its non-judgmental atmosphere and free access, there’s no reason not to give it a try. Join the Parkrun movement today and experience the joy of running (or walking) with others.